Perfect Apps presentation!

AppSCREEN® is the first professional, interactive & intuitive XXL Tablet System designed for Presentation and Interaction in the field of Digital Signage, Digital out of Home at Point of Sale or at Point of Interest

Quickly Deployable

AppSCREEN® reaches you safely packed in a Roll Case via Courier directly at your Event or at your Display location. The assembly of the AppSCREEN® does not take more than 5 mins.

Multiple Usage

AppSCREEN® can play all possible multimedia formats like Apps, Videos, Websites, Office & Games. There are over 15 million Apps available in App Store which gives rise to infinite possibilities.

Easy to Use

Nowadays, everyone uses Apps daily for different reason through smart phones or Tablets. Apps are used intuitively without any lengthy usage guidance.

With its imposing presence, AppSCREEN® ist an eye catcher. Its technical Details does not leave any thing open to ask for !

Your Company-App

Install your App from the App-Store or over Media Importer direktly on AppSCREEN®.

Easy Assembly & Disassemply

It comes in a rolling case and can be assembled or disassembled within 5 minutes.

Images & Videos

The Media Player from AppSCREEN® is capable of playing all possible media formats.

Plug & Play

Hassle free and quick installation, just connect to power and AppSCREEN® is all ready to be used

Document & Presentation

Your contents would be perfectly presented even if you need to showcase microsoft office documents and presentations within your company’s App on AppSCREEN®.

Access to App-Store

Besides your own company’s App, There are approximately 1.3 million different apps available in the App Store.

Our concept assures that our customers stay abreast with the future upcoming technology and offers one of the most flexible application possibilities. Here are some options showcased to explain how you could use a giant Tablet like AppSCREEN® for presenting your company’s App at various Public Touch Points, Point of Sale, Point of Interest, Entrance Lobbies or Showrooms.

Incorporate the AppSCREEN® seamlessly as an interactive sales support as well as in your Cooperate design and store design.

Incorporate the AppSCREEN® seamlessly as an interactive sales support as well as in your Cooperate design and store design.

In special cases, we customize according to our customer’s requirements, and can build vandalism  & weather protected case for AppSCREEN®. It can then be easily used in Public Places.

  • Whether your app, website or custom-built application, the modern touch technology allows for interactivity with your customers.

  • One large- Tablet on which Apps or other Application could be tested/used in XXL , is an eye catcher at any event.
  • Prolong your cunstomers interaction time at  POI/POS. Deliver useful and relevant information during the waiting period of your customer.

  • Body and mind are directly connected. Haptics and optics together increase the experience factor. It stays longer in the memory.
  • An active user on AppSCREEN® also creates curiosity for onlookers. The brand, product and benefits are automatically & subconciously perceived and recorded.
  • Each company needs more young customer. The affinity for modern technology of the Native Digital Generation is much more pronounced.

  • To increase the user activity and the user experience, the AppSCREEN® uses the so-called gamification concept – the playful instinct of humans.
  • Time is money. The longer a prospect deals with your product/brand, the more likely a sales conversion will take place.

  • Future-proof, since no further technology is needed. Contents / formats can be chosen arbitrarily. Digital content has the potential to replace personal advicer as well.

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