App Showcasing with a giant Tablet


In the digital world , apps have become indispensable. They offer a wide range of functions and services. From entertainment to organization and communication. Especially tablets meet a growing popularity among users as entertainment medium and/or work tool.

So how can companies and developers effectively present their apps on tablets and ensure that they are found by as many users as possible?


One possibility is app showcasing on a tablet to give potential users an impression of the functions and possibilities. Trade fairs, events and retail are particularly suitable for live demonstrations.
However, normal tablets only offer a very limited scope. The size alone limits the number of people you can show the app to at the same time. The AppSCREEN® XXL Tablet System is an adequate alternative to present apps effectively and in a larger setting. It can do exactly what the small one can do. It offers the same interactive functions and the seemingly endless possibilities of the Google PlayStore. With a size of a good two meters high, a rotating display and an LED backlit stand that guarantees attention through the Gamification Effect.

In today’s digital world, mobile apps are an important part of the business strategy for many companies and developers. To successfully market their apps, many companies rely on app showcasing, where apps are presented on different platforms. In this case study, we will look at how to successfully perform app showcasing on the AppSCREEN and what factors to consider, as well as what benefits it brings.

What is App Showcasing on the AppSCREEN?


Showcasing on tablets allows developers and companies to demonstrate their apps right on the spot and give potential users the opportunity to try and test the apps.

Why is App Showcasing with AppSCREEN® most effective?


App Showcasing on a giant tablet is perfect for developers and companies because it helps them showcase their apps to a wide audience. This can help increase interest in downloading and using the apps.
Another benefit of app showcasing on the AppSCREEN® is that it allows developers and businesses to get direct feedback from users. By testing the apps on-site, users can give their opinions and suggestions directly to developers, which can help improve the user experience and optimize the app over time.

App showcasing allows developers and companies to easily demonstrate the use case of their sometimes costly development directly on-site. Potential users or buyers get an unfiltered impression of how the app works.

What should they look for when app showcasing?


1. Choose the right place and time for showcasing: An important decision when showcasing an app on tablets is where and when it takes place. Choose a place where there are many potential users (target audience) , such as at a trade fair or in a store. Timing is also important – for example, app showcasing at a trade fair might be most successful during peak visitor hours.

2. present your apps well: make sure your apps are well presented, for example by using the AppSCREEN®’s rotation feature to show landscape. Also use appealing graphics and videos to keep users interested.

3. keep showcasing interactive: to keep users’ interest, make showcasing interactive. Let users try out the apps and ask questions to keep them interested.

4. Collect feedback: Use showcasing as an opportunity to collect feedback from users. This can help you improve the user experience of your apps and optimize them over time.

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