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The Hangar

Europe´s largest content factory

7500m2 production area, 20 hotel rooms, the latest equipment make “The Hangar” the largest video studio in Europe. We turn your exhibition stand into a TV studio and produce corporate content for your marketing with under profoundly visionary requirements. Talk to us.

AppSCREEN® present you in collaboration with The Network Factory s.l.r. :

The Hangar – Europe´s largest video studio

Location, Cluj Npoca, Rumänien, 4 min. away from the internationalen airport

Halle 7500 sq. m., space for approx. 200-300 exhibition stands converted to video studios

Height 11 m

Module without support pillars 12 x 24 m

Top class braodband internet

24 H Security

State-of-the-art video equipment, cameras, lights

In-house hotel & catering

6 video editing stations for post-production

and much more…

the hangar
Hangar inside2
Hangar Inside1

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