Large-format presentations


In today’s digital world, interactive large screens are essential for attracting attention and conveying information in innovative ways. AppSCREEN is your partner when it comes to [renting touchscreens](link to the corresponding website). Whether for trade shows, events, retail, or public areas such as government institutions, our touchscreens make a great impression anywhere.

Touchscreen: Where clarity meets interaction


Our touchscreens are 1.91 meters tall and have an impressive size of 46 inches. The displays are equipped with modern LED backlighting, offering crisp images, while the touch function allows for an interactive experience. Our devices run on the Android 10 system and have all the common interfaces such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAA, and USB ports.

Flexibility and user-friendliness


A special feature of our touchscreens is the ability to rotate the display by 90 degrees. This allows you to use it in both portrait and landscape mode, depending on which presentation format suits your content best. Additionally, we can remotely configure and control content on our displays through kiosk software. [Find out more about our technology here](link to the corresponding website).

Secure and professional rental


AppSCREEN places great emphasis on security and professionalism. The kiosk mode allows you to lock the tabletop surface, so only the intended content is displayed. Everything else is behind a password-protected area. With our rental service, you are in safe hands.

Rent a touch display now


Enhance your presentation experience and reach your target audience in a unique way. [Contact us](link to the contact form) today and learn more about our customized rental packages. Make your next event a resounding success with the touch display rental from AppSCREEN.

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