Effective communication which leaves a lasting impression on customers.

Trade Shows and Events are one of the most important marketing canals for companies and business units. In order to attract mass attention and media coverage in the digital world, increasingly sophisticated workarounds are required. Displays, screens, large-screen projections or LED walls for displaying marketing messages are already trending as effective solutions. The trend towards ever larger display system is obvious.

So how can a company still stand out? Another rising trend is the interactivity of content. Since consumers are exposed to myriad different advertisement concepts, inducing them to interact and engage with the advertising message has become crucial for any campaign’s success. Not just attracting attention, but attracting continuous attention is the key.  Haptic brand experiences at the POI / POS is slowly making sense in the minds of all stakeholders – the marketers who want to reap advantages through making a tangible difference to their consumers as well as the customers who want to be appealed to in more engaging ways.

Trade Shows and Events Multi Touch Displays

Body and mind are connected. The AppSCREEN® relies exactly on this trigger. Not only is it an extraordinary eye catcher at every event, its logical implication is the possibility of manual usability through the app’s interface. Non Interactive display systems are usually pushed around for communication but they are limited in their appeal to all the senses. As a response to active stimuli, the visitors using the AppSCREEN® will experience a multiplier effect. Other passersby see them and stop or wait until they can approach the AppSCREEN® themselves. The giant tablet effect, the rotating function and the use of real apps are highlights for every stall which uses AppSCREEN®.

Time is Money

Especially at trade fairs, the duration of time spent by customers on respective display stalls plays an important role. As a thumb rule, the more attention your company has, the less attention other attendees receive.

MultiTouch at your Event

The AppSCREEN is an interactive display system and is easily installable in Trade Fairs and Events.

  • Giant Tablet / XXL Tablet
  • Infoterminal / Infoscreen
  • Presentation System
  • Self Service Solution/Kiosk
  • Wayfinding / Interactive Map Display
  • Marketing Content Display

Playable Content

  • Android Apps
  • Internet and Websites
  • Office Programs
  • PDF
  • Pictures
  • Films / Videos
  • 90° Vertical and Horizontal rotation is possible

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